Friday, March 20, 2009

Pinewood Derby!

Last night Kevin had his very first Pinewood Derby race for scouts. He picked out the design and colors for his car. He sanded it and helped paint it, put on the wheels and everything. He was very excited. He lost his first 2 races and was a little disapointed, but then he started winning and kept winning. He realy got into it then! He ended up coming in 3rd overall (out of 19). Not to bad for his first race. He is very proud of himself and so are we!!

Kailey had a blast cheering on her brother!
Korbyn loved to watch the cars go down the track and at the end he helped move the chairs!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New bikes!!!

The weather finally got nice enough to get bikes out and the first thing we noticed was our kids have gotten much to big for there bikes. So we headed down to the Toys R Us and we let them pick out nice new bigger bikes. First we had to put them together (which daddy had the privlege of doing)!

Korbyn even helped!

When we finally got it all done Kevin took off on his.....

And since we've decided it time for Kailey to learn to ride a two wheeler she stayed behind to get help. She did really good, she's not quite there but i'm sure it'll be soon. She's very determined!