Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have got to be the biggest air head! I just noticed that the pictures of Korbyn's 3rd birthday where actually the pictures of Kyson's 1st birthday! I guess you know when you have enough children when you don't notice the difference between them! :*) It is now fixed so we can all see how much fun Korbyn actually had on his birthday!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Snow day

Today is the first day of Thanksgiving break and what started out to be a rainy cruddy day has turned into a winter wonderland. My kids took advantage of the snow. Korbyn lasted about 15 minutes and came in for some hot chocolate and cookies. Kevin & Kailey stayed out and attempted to make some paths in it. Why they are using there heads I will never know!

1st grade thanksgiving program

The Ammon Elementary 1st grade classed had the cutest EVER Thanksgiving program. Of course, I think Kailey is the best but hey, she's mine!!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Warning: Post overload

Due to my ever increasingly busy life I continue to fall waaaaaay behind on my blog, which leads to an extreme overload of posts when I get a second. Thankfully it is now caught up (again) and everyone can quit wondering if the Brown family had been blown away in the Idaho wind. You can click on any of the collages to see the pictures bigger.

Random cuteness

Just some pictures of some of the cutest kids in the world!!!!


We have been having some very mild weather lately. Even though you won't hear me complain about it we have had some things going on the you really NEVER see in the month of November. Like mowing the lawn. Usually that task is easily done by the middle of October and playing in water and ice without a shirt on. It's crazy to see the kids still wearing shorts and flip flops when we should have snow!!!!


As we all know Halloween was kinda drug out this year with technically 3 days to celebrate (which we took full advantage of...of course). My kids went trick or treating 3 times this year and let's just say by the time the actual day rolled around we were Halloweened out. This year Kevin was Joe (a pharmacist), Kailey was the cutest black cat around, Korbyn was Thomas the Train (I was informed by my sister that it was really James the Train but don't tell Korbyn), and Kyson was Chewbacca but we lovingly dubbed him Cry-bacca. For those of you who know him you can guess why. :^)

Korbyn is 3

Korbyn is moving ever upward in toddler-hood. He's had a big year with some huge accomplishments. Namely potty training and becoming a big brother. My little sweetie is now the big 3. He is the most loving, cuddliest boy around!! Love you buddy!!!


Gwen and I wanted an excuse to dress up and be even crazier than normal....the solution....a Halloween party of course. We invited our neighbors & people from our ward. It's amazing what a little make-up and a change of clothes can do to say our Elder's Quorum President or our Ward Mission Leader! hahaha We can always count on our friend's to have a great time and make us laugh untill we (almost) pee....hmmmm 3 bathroom noises please!!!! Thank's guys for making our party a success. Untill next year!!!!
(click on the pictures to see them bigger)

Kyson's walking!!!!!

October 17th 2010 the littlest brownie is now walking!!!!!!! Watch out world here he comes!!!!!


We recently bought soft curlers for Kailey. This was the first attempt. The results were sproingy! :^)

Conference weekend

Everyone had probably heard (and are sick of it) how much I miss Boise and my friends there so, we planned a trip to go visit them over Conference weekend. We had tons of fun with them and there kids. Joe and Andrew got to have some guy time at Men's Conference and Amy and I got girl time after. The cutest thing was watching our kids together. It's amazing how they can go so long not seeing each other and not miss a beat when they see each other again.

There are also advantages in having your best friend be a photographer. Love you Amy! She took birthday pictures of Kailey, Korbyn, and Kyson while we where there. I have to say the results are fabulous!

On our way home Sunday we stopped for a breather in Twin Falls and we got to see some parachuters jumping off the bridge. Highlight of the drive for sure!


Kailey is such a helper. She got roller skates for her birthday and Korbyn was so jealous. She said that's OK he can use mine. She took it upon herself to show him how to do it. She even made sure he was properly protected. She also attended the Hillcrest cheer camp and now she wants to be a cheerleader for sure. I have to say she was super cute out there. As soon as the music started for her dance she started shaking her booty!!!

Kailey is 7

Our pretty princess is now officially 7. She had a great time and got everything she wanted (her words not mine). She's a doll and is a great joy to all of us! Love you Kailey Mailey!

Kyson turns 1

Wow! I can't believe my baby is 1 already! It hardly seems possible. He is such a sweet heart and we all love him soooo much. Happy Birthday big guy!

Our inner hillbilly

In September we attended the Shelley Spud Day for the very first time EVER! I know you are thinking "you have lived in Idaho Falls your whole life, how could you possibly have missed that?" Simply because I've actually really never been to Shelley. It's kinda just a town to pass through to get to the next bigger town. Anyway my friend Gwen is from there and she invited us to come. We got to experience an actual demolition derby and truly had a blast and got to get our "hillbilly on".