Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Wow, we had so much fun this Easter! It started on Saturday at Grandma and Grandpa Brown's house. All the grand kids came and we hunted eggs and had a yummy dinner. As you can see there are a lot of kids (there are 2 more on the way----more on that later :-) ).
Kevin and Kailey really enjoyed the egg hunt. Korbyn was more interested in a stink bug than the eggs but he did manage to find a few.
Then it was time to see what they got. I have to admit my mother-in-law is a genius. She always keeps the candy to a minimum and gives money and toys instead. The kids love it! They kept saying "look mom a nickel! I'm rich". After a totally fun day it was off to home and bed to get ready for Sunday. Well, we finally found a swing set for the kids that I liked enough that I was willing to spend money on it. So I brought it home Saturday before our party and had Uncle Chris and Daddy put it together. It ended up being really late and they had to put it together in the garage and haul it to the back yard, but the results were worth it!
The kids got up and saw there baskets and toys and were totally happy, but we had them look out the window to see if it was going to be nice out and they saw the swing set. They were so excited they ran out to try it in there jammies.
They got to play on it all day Sunday (except for when we were at church) but it hasn't been nice out since so they are kinda bummed.
We also colored eggs today. Korbyn was taking a nap and missed out on the fun but I think he's ok with it.
All in all we had a nice Easter. The kids enjoyed it and we got to remember Jesus and the Resurrection. I hope everyone had the same.


Our kids love to play games! The funniest one is Twister. It's so funny to watch them try to get there little bodies into different shapes to reach the color they are supposed to be on. This is Sunday March 29th.