Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Korbyn is king...he can be comfortable anywhere!

Also, for all of you that know how much moving things scare him. We have some good news he FINALLY likes his dinosaur from his 2nd b-day! Yay!!!
Kailey took these pictures of Kyson....notice a theme? hmmmmm?

Joe's brother Steve made this "big people" swing and Carolyn (Joe's mom) being the thrill seeker she is had to use this opportunity to have some fun!!!!

Over the Hill

Our friend Chris recently turned 35. Not over the hill by any means but he has been telling us for years that he only plans on living until he's 70. If you know Joe you know that he would NOT let the half way mark go by unnoticed. Or let an opportunity to embarrass Chris pass by. With the help of Chris's parents and our friend Neal we planned a surprise party. Joe and Neal made a FULL sized coffin for him. They even stuffed and lined it....they didn't want our dearly almost departed friend to be uncomfortable! After the initial anger wore off I'm pretty positive Chris actually enjoyed himself!


The 3 Amigos! (and partners in crime) There motto: It's only funny until someone gets hurt..then it's Hilarious!

Chris trying out his coffin

The reading of the Eulogy


Neal (OK he's REALLY tall)

Charlie- Chris's dad
Thank you to all that came and helped make it a great day for everyone. Chris, maybe for your next birthday we will just get you some honey butter!!!!

More Lagoon

Instead of taking one big family vacation this year we decided to get season tickets to Lagoon and go a lot. So every time Joe has time off work we trek to Utah and spend time at Lagoon.
The Lagoon princess!

Kyson on the one ride he could go on...The Ferris Wheel
Korbyn's version on Heaven
They had this amazing show there called The Cirque D'Larange. Great show but we couldn't use a flash to take pictures so I wasn't able to get many good pictures.
Joe has resorted in taking pictures while on the rides!


Sunday we were driving home from church listening to The Sounds of Sunday. There was a song on about a son singing about his dad. I was utterly frustrated with the car in front of me. While I was muttering "Oh good grief just MOVE already" he was singing on the radio "I have my Dad" and then I hear Korbyn right behind me sing "I have my mom!" Made me smile! He's so cute... I just love the little guy!!! It's good to know one of them appreciate me.