Monday, June 28, 2010

Battle wounds

Baseball has finally ended! Yay! Kevin is such a trooper. He got hit with the ball 3 times this year. The first time was in the soft spot (in between the ribs and hips), the second time was in the thigh, and the third well......
He was supposed to get his braces off this month but the dumb ball pushed back one of the front teeth so he has to have them on another month. I have to say he's a champ though. Every time he got hit he sucked it up and kept playing. Way to go buddy! You're awesome!

Discover Gateway

While we were in Utah we went to the Discover Gateway with Aunt Sundi and kids. The older ones were off running around so we were only able to take pictures of the little ones.


I finally relented and let Joe buy season passes to Lagoon this year. He absolutely loves the place and he's crazy enough to ride all the rides. He was so excited this year because he was so sure Kailey was going to be his ride partner (Kevin and I are both chickens). She went on the Spider with him one time and cried through the whole thing. Poor Joe. We had fun even though the weather stunk and we only spent 3 hours there for our first trip down.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sleeping beauty

I love the way baby's sleep! Looks comfortable doesn't it?!

Teach 'em young!

I was in my bedroom getting ready for the day and I heard something spilling and an "uh oh" then I heard the pantry door open. I had to run out and find out what happened. When I got to the kitchen this is what I found. Hey, at least he cleaned it up. I don't understand why he needed the broom though since he just sat on the floor and ate them anyway.

Onward and Upward

Kyson has been crawling for about a month now and he's already trying to walk. He pulls up to everything. So sad that they have to grow up. At least he's not talking back to me yet, right?! He also eats everything, which is a new experience for me. None of my others would eat until they had to at 1 year.

A lot has happened since last time!

Okay I realize it's been a while. Honestly I haven't had time to post anything in between dance, scouts, soccer, baseball, and school. Kailey is officially done with dance for the summer. She had a super cute finale. They did a ballet number and then tap. Her favorite part about the whole thing was that she got to wear make-up. I think I'm in trouble when she gets older!
She's also a super star at soccer! She's an awesome goaly and very aggressive when she's playing forward. It's good to know that she does NOT posses my lack of sports talent.
And she is officially a first grader! I can't believe she's big enough now! She is soooo excited to eat lunch at school next year (weird I know).
On to Kevin. He has been plugging along in both soccer and baseball. He refused to give up either one when we found out they were at exactly the same time this year. He is now in Little League. It's crazy but they draft the poor little kids. They had tryouts and the coaches chose the ones they wanted. Kevin got onto the Twins and has loved it.
He has decided that he just want to play soccer next year though. I figured that would be more his pace. The kids LOVES to run and he's really good at it.

Kevin has moved on to the 4th grade. He is growing up way to fast!