Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kailey's New Earings!

After over a year of begging us and promising to take great care of them Joe caved and let Kailey get her ears pierced. We were at the mall getting new shoes for Kevin and Kailey was looking at the earrings saying "they are so pretty, I can't wait until I can wear them". I bought the shoes and found Joe and asked him if we should just get them pierced and he said "Whatever". So, we headed down to Claire's to get the deed done. There was only one lady working and I explained to Kailey that it would hurt and if she got one side done she had to get the other done too. She was totally confident that she could do it. She bravely sat as the lady cleaned her ears and drew dots on them and even after she pierced the first one Kailey persevered. She didn't start crying until after the second one was done but one look in the mirror she claimed it was all worth it because she was pretty! What a brave girl! She is already taking the saying "It hurts to be beautiful" literally!