Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hey better late than never right?! We had our big Easter Egg hunt with all the Brown cousins on Saturday. The kids had a great time. They love finding the big egg that has there name on it and also the fact that Grandma puts money in most of the other eggs. This was Kevin's first year in the "big kid" side of the lawn. He had a tough time finding eggs but he did great!
Korbyn got right into it this year!
Kyson spent the day warm and cozy inside the house. This is him with Aunt Millie chewing on an exercise band.
Kailey found her "Name" egg!
Hmmm where's the egg? Nice head scratch buddy!
Oh there it is! He had to use a stick to get it down!

On his way

So Kyson will be 7 months old a week from today and he's already trying to crawl. It's crazy he's getting so big so fast!

Truly a soccer mom

I have officially lost my mind. No, no it's true I had it up until this last month. It's the only explanation for the schedule I have put myself into. On top of dance and scouts I have signed my kids up for soccer and little league (Kevin--I can't believe he's old enough to be in little league). So now I have soccer practice and dance on the same night, scouts and soccer games on the same night, plus another soccer practice and another game. That's all before we even know what the baseball schedule is going to be. See I told you I've lost my mind! I can't even handle 1 kid in 1 thing so wish me luck. On the plus side they look super fantastic in there soccer uniforms. (I can always see the upside of things :-) ).
And yes Kailey is all girl...she had to have pink shin guards and cleats with pink in them even though her team is yellow. I'm so proud!


Today I realized I haven't posted the pictures for Kevin's 9th birthday or for Kyson's 6 months. I had my neighbor Teneal take the pictures (thank you), and she did an awesome job!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Our pretty boy!

OK despite my want to have another girl in the house (that want has passed), there are some perks to having one princess and tons of boys. For example, I save money on shoes and finger nail polish. Kailey and I both love them and we have a lot of them around here to fill that love. Sooooo I'm pretty positive I couldn't afford another little girl. Apparently, Kailey doesn't feel the same as I do. This morning I came out and found this....

I guess she would like to have a baby sister. He does make a pretty cute girl though with those big blue eyes!!!

Easter eggs!

It's the annual decorating of the boiled eggs time! Aside from the stink, (I hate the smell of cooked eggs), we got some pretty cute ones this year.

So big!

Kyson's getting so big. I can't believe how fast time goes. He's already 6 months! Here's some pictures of him sitting. I actualy trust him enough now to let him sit up in the tub! He's also our very first scooter. He can get pretty far scooting on his bum across the floor. It's pretty cute!