Sunday, January 3, 2010


Korbyn does some pretty cute things. Here's a couple recent ones......
In Kyson's bumbo playing with a baby toy

He pulled his shirt up over his head like this and came to show me!

Kyson's Blessing

We finally blessed Kyson the Sunday after Christmas. We were waiting for all of the Brown brothers to be here to help do it. I think he looked adorable in his little suit. We didn't do a party at our house after because we had the Grant Christmas party right after church. Here's a couple of pictures.


This year was a fun year. It was the first one that Korbyn was able to enjoy. He still didn't get why he got free toys, but he had fun unwrapping them! We started out the holiday by celebrating Christmas Eve with my family. We had a yummy dinner and opened presents from Grandma and Grandpa Lott.
The next day was for our family (and of course Uncle Chris). He always celebrates Christmas with us. It's the only way he celebrates. I guess Santa doesn't visit single guys at there house. The saddest part was Korbyn didn't feel well at all so he realy didn't do much. The poor guy ended up on the couch in his new snuggie fast asleep for a good part of the day.

The day after Christmas was the Brown's Christmas party. Grandma always makes jammies for all the grandkids. There are 20 of them now (with one more on the way in Feb). So it keeps her crazy busy. After the kids opened there gifts from there cousins and Grandparents we had a yummy soup dinner and played games. We love Christmas and we are trying to show our kids the true meaning (not just the gift getting part). They are so sweet and love to help us in our Christmas activities!
Almost all of the Brown kids (Steve's 2 are missing, they were sick).