Monday, November 30, 2009


To say the least our Thanksgiving was a special treat! First of all, I had surgery on Monday the 23rd to have a hernia repaired. I really thought I would be up and bouncing around in 2 days--boy was I wrong. It hurt like ---- (you fill in the blanks). Joe was such a good husband though. He took most of the week off and his mom came and helped a ton (thank you mom). So, for Thanksgiving I stayed home while Joe took the kids to his parents house for dinner. That night practically the whole family got a stomach virus. Most of Joe's family was taken out by the darn thing. What a nice way to end a really big meal, right. I didn't even go to the dinner and I was throwing up Friday night (not something you want to do with a big cut in your stomach). Joe got sick Thursday and throwing up Friday morning but still went and worked a 14 hour day. What a trooper. He's pretty convinced he's tougher than the rest of us. The only ones to make it out of the mess were Joe's oldest brother's family.
Now we can put that fun memory aside and move on to (hopefully) a better and healthier Christmas!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birthday picts!!!

These are some of Kailey's 6 year birthday pictures. She sure is getting big (and sassy). I can't believe how much she is starting to look like me.

These are some of Korbyn's 2 year birthday pictures. We were really worried that is was going to be horrible but he was soooo good. He's such a sweetheart!

Monday, November 2, 2009


The best part of Halloween is picking out the perfect pumpkin & getting to carve it into the perfect face. Getting to play in the goop is also fun!!!

This year Kevin got to carve his own. Wow! was he excited! This is the final result.....

And Kailey's masterpiece....

Korbyn and Kyson didn't want to dig in the guts so they just did Mr. Pumpkin head pieces. Here are theres....

Daddy made his famous pumpkin man again this year....

After all that we got to celebrate the candy getting part of Halloween. This year Kevin was a storm trooper, Kailey was a mouse (she kept saying she was a rat), Korbyn was a bat, & Kyson was a little monster (very fitting)....

We went around the neighborhood and got tons of candy. This was the first year Korbyn was excited about it all. I pushed him around in his car and he ate the suckers people gave him.

While we were out collecting candy, Daddy and Kyson stayed home and watched football and handed out candy. This is how Kyson spent the night....
I hope everyone had as great a time as we did!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Korbyn's Birthday picts!

We celebrated at Grandma and Grandpa Brown's house. Uncle Dennis's family was there too.

Just Kyson

Since we haven't been able to post any pictures of Kyson since he's been born i'm just going to put some random ones on here for now. He'll be 6 weeks old tomorrow. It goes by SOOO fast.

Finally...Kailey's birthday picts!!!

We went to Artic Circle with her very best friends (and Korbyn). Korbyn, Kailey, Courtney, Carlie, & Kassidy