Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer (finally)!

After having a freak hail storm last night we finally had a beautiful summer day. The kids have been wanting to swim in the pool but the weather in a word stinks. It has done nothing but rain and the wind has blown and it's been cold. We are getting April weather and it's June. Not fun. The kids were so excited to finally be able to swim in the pool!!!

Hurray for Kailey!!!!!

After a ton of begging, pleading, and then giving up (on my part) Kailey has successfully learned to ride her 2-wheeler big girl bike. She was quite attached to her training wheel bike (which is waaaaay to small for her) and refused to ride her new bike. She kept saying she was to young even though she has several friends younger than her not using training wheels. Today (June 26th) we were going to give in and put the training wheels on her new bike. Kailey came running into the house super excited and said we needed to come and see something. We went outside and this is what we saw.

She did it all by herself with absolutely no help from us!!! Way to go Kailey!!! We love you!!!

Daddy's Birthday!!!

Our wonderful Daddy turned 33 on the 19th. After he worked the morning we spent the day doing Daddy fun things. We got him a yummy strawberry rhubarb pie and took him to dinner at Stockman's Steakhouse. In the middle of all that we went to the Tauphas Park Funland and rode some rides and played miniature golf!! We go there every year because it's one of Daddy's favorite things to do.

Mighty golfer man!!!!

Big boy bed!

When we got home from Boise we decided it was time to put Korbyn into a big boy bed. He wasn't very excited about it and Mommy had to lay down with him at first, but by nap time the next day he was settled in and just fine!

Boise Trip

Joe finally got a weekend of June 12-14th so we decided to take a trip to see our friends in Boise. We got to spend one day with the Heath's and had a ton of laughs and fun. Then we spent the next day with the Bartram's and did it all over again. The kids were exhausted from staying up so late every night and playing like crazy all day, but I have to say it was totally worth it!!!! We miss our Boise families! Love you guys!!!Big kid Drew!
Swimming at the hotel!
People watching with Amy!
Korbyn and Jensen hanging out!
Korbyn loves his very first Build-A-Bear!


Kevin played machine pitch baseball this year. His team was called the Red Bulls. It was fun he really enjoyed it. To our suprise he was really good. It's the first time he's ever played any kind of baseball (he skipped T-ball) so we were a little worried that it wasn't going to go so well but he suprised us. We got rained out of quite a few games so we had a lot of make-up Saturday games. This is his first game. We were rained out after a half hour (so sad).