Friday, March 19, 2010

Space Derby

This month for pack meeting Kevin's scout group decided to do something a little different. Instead of having a pinewood derby they had a space derby. They each got to make there own spaceship. Kevin made his a pencil.
I loved it and thought he was pretty creative. There was one other kid who made a pencil too. Luckily they were different. Here's some pictures of the fun. I personally think all the dads had way more fun than any of the actual scouts!

Mouth update

Kevin absolutely knows he is THE coolest 9 year old alive right now. Since he's had the expander in for a couple of weeks we can now successfully drive a bus between the space in his front teeth. The orthodontist took pity on him today and put in a couple of braces to close the space. They are only on the front 2 teeth and will only be on for a couple of weeks but I can't seem to convince him that they aren't really braces. Oh well, I guess if he's happy right?!?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kevin's new gadget

Have you ever had the feeling that when you walk into the dentist office and they look at your kids teeth the dentist just sees dollar signs? I absolutely know that is what our orthodontist sees every time poor Kevin comes in the door. Don't get me wrong he had beautiful baby teeth but, from the very moment his big teeth started to come in we knew we were in for a lot of dentist visits. Kevin is lucky enough to have a cross bite. It just means his top teeth don't line up with his bottom teeth. The way to fix it is to make the roof of his mouth wider. They have to install this fancy gadget called....wait for expander (genius I know). I was much more emotional about the stupid thing than Kevin was. You see we have to turn it with a "key" every day to make it widen his mouth and i'm the sorry sap that has to do it! I've never had any orthodontic work done so I thought for sure it was going to cause him pain. I'm not the kind of mom who willing wants to cause my kids pain. I wanted to cry when they made me do it in the office. Kevin loves it though. He has assured me that it doesn't hurt him and he gets to talk funny for a while so he thinks it's super cool. A you can see he's pretty happy about it.


Korbyn has recently decided to give up naps, a sad day for Mommy. I guess now that he's potty trained he thinks he's big enough to stay up all day like the rest of us. As a result he falls asleep at random times during the day in some pretty great places. I don't have pictures downloaded yet but he fell asleep in the seat of the shopping cart at Walmart. Daddy had to hold his head up with his hands. The other day he was watching for the bus and fell asleep in the chair. He was NOT happy that I was taking pictures!

Sitting pretty!

Kyson has finally learned to sit by himself. Actually these were taken on the 1st but as we all know i'm pretty slow to post anything. He's not quite ready to be left alone in the middle of the floor all by himself but he's doing great. Yes, the rolls are all real!