Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kyson turns 3 months

Kyson is such a cute little stinker. Here are some of his 3 month pictures. We had a hard time getting any without his hands in his mouth. I'm so excited that he has blue eyes. We call them his lady killers.

All she wants for Christmas......

Kailey finally lost her first tooth!!!!! She has been working on it for months. Daddy finally yanked it out on Monday (the 21st).


We had our ward Christmas party on Saturday. We had some yummy food and got to listen to the primary sing some beautiful songs. Most important (to the kids at least) Santa showed up!!!! Surprisingly enough I had to beg and drag Kailey to sit on his lap. Completely out of character for her. Usually she is the first one to ham it up for a stranger. She was kinda mad at me but I still got a picture out of her. She asked for a diamond styler for her hair. Ask me later and I'll explain what that is.
Kevin had no problem climbing on Santa's lap once his friend Zach said he would do it. He asked for lego's (no surprise there).
Korbyn didn't have a problem either. He just wanted the candy canes that Santa was giving out. Once he got his he promptly ate it plastic and all.
Kyson was a good sport also. As long as he couldn't see Santa he did great. I'm pretty sure he asked for lots more sleep for mommy. What a sweet boy.

3rd Grade Christmas Program

Here's some pictures of Kevin's Christmas program. He was stuffed in a corner with a bush in front of him so it was tough to see. He actually sang this year which is a huge change from every other year. I guess it just goes to show that he is growing up!

Tiny Dancer

Kailey has been taking a dance class that is ballet and tap for the last couple of months. She just had her first recital. It was super cute. Her teacher had them perform for the Fairwinds Retirement Home. The Grandmas and Grandpas loved every minute of it! I have to say Kailey was the cutest little girl there!!!! (then again i'm pretty biased).

Korbyn and Santa.

We have a Santa Clause that's about the same size as Korbyn and Korbyn has decided he is his best friend. He packs him around and loves him, I even caught him changing his diaper :^) You know it's love when a boy will do that! I didn't get a picture of the diaper change but I got some cute ones of Korb and his best bud! Yes those are Kailey's snow boots!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This one's for you Julie!!!

My friend Julie Poole moved to Wyoming a couple of months ago and she wanted to see how big Kyson has gotten. So here you go.....

Monday, December 7, 2009

Decorating the tree

We finally got to put up our tree. Boy the kids were so excited. We even had Grandma Brown helping out. This was the first year Korbyn was able to really help out. As you can see by his picture he was pretty happy about that!


O.k so there are moments in every moms life that make you proud to be a mom. When Korbyn isn't busy being 2 he can be pretty adorable. I caught him being such a good big brother to Kyson the other day. First of all he read him a book....

Then he helped him with his tummy time. He thought for sure I was torturing poor little Kyson so he had to make sure he was OK. Too cute.....